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Established 1978

Construction & Landscaping

Per CC&R paragraphs 20 and 21(k) (Amendment January 2017), prior written approval of the Association Board of Directors is required for any new or changed:

     • Buildings

    • Fences and walls

​     • Swimming pools and spas

     • All landscaping visible from another lot and/or​​ from the street

     • Other structures or additions

Any owner proposing construction or landscaping should consult CC&R paragraphs 21(k) and HDCA Architectural Change Approval Procedure.  Written requests for approval must be submitted at least 60 days prior to commencement of work, using the forms provided

In general, appropriate construction and materials, conformance with the requirements stated in the CC&Rs, harmonizing appearance, and adequate clearances from lot lines will be required.

Consult with the Board of Directors for further guidance.​

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