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Established 1978

Cabana and Access Cards

The Association’s cabana and pool area is available for private use only by Association members in good standing. Reservations for private use can be made by contacting Association Secretary.

  • Teenage functions MUST be monitored by adult members. Monitoring requires CONTINUED presence of adults at the function.
  • All guests are the responsibility of the member.
  • Cabana key pick-up will be arranged when the reservation is made, and the key must be returned no later than noon the day following the use of the cabana.
  • A written agreement regarding the conditions and rules for use of the cabana will be signed by the reserving member.  No deposit is required.
  • Generally, functions will be limited to 75 persons.
  • Loud music and behavior offensive to nearby residents is forbidden.
  • Evening functions must end by midnight.
  • The cabana (and pool area if also used) must be returned to the original state of order and cleanliness. ALL TRASH MUST BE REMOVED after the function by the member who reserved the cabana. Pool area cleaning must be completed immediately following the function; cabana cleaning must be completed no later than noon the day following the function, or one hour before the next scheduled function, whichever is earlier.
  • After the event, the premises will be inspected and the costs for any cleaning or repairs required will be billed to the member making the reservation.
  • Typically, the cabana cannot be reserved for private use on a holiday, and in no event will the pool area be reserved for private use on a holiday, in the belief that the recreational facilities should be available for use by all Association members on holidays.
  • Members of the Association are encouraged to use and enjoy the recreation area frequently. Always be conscious, however, of the members who live nearby. They are entitled to their privacy and should be accorded the courtesy of special efforts to curb noise or activity which would disturb them.

Access Cards

  • A security access keycard is used to open the gates to the recreation area parking lot and the pool / cabana area. 
  • New members of the Association should receive an access card from the previous owners of their property, or may request one from the Association’s Secretary.   There is a $5 refundable fee for each card. 
  • Access security keycards may not be loaned to non-members.
  • Gates shall not be propped open once access has been gained, other than to facilitate large groups or movement of materials.  Damage to gates or access card facilities will be charged to the member responsible.
  • Members are responsible for the use of access cards by all members of their families and their guests.  Damage to the facilities or illegal activities may lead to denial of the privileges of the offending members.
  • Association members who rent their homes are responsible for their tenants’ use of the facilities and for the security of the access card.  Tenants who wish to obtain a card directly from the Association will be required to pay the deposit fee.
  • Association members are asked to report lost or stolen access cards to the Association secretary for cancellation.  Replacement cards may be obtained for a refundable fee of $10.
  • Repeated violations of the rules for use of the recreation facilities may lead to denial of the privileges of the offending members.
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