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Established 1978


Association Responsibilities

In addition to its governance role, the Association is responsible for:


  • Maintaining the landscaping in all common areas, the street entrances on Pontatoc and Sunrise, the Placita exterior wall along Calle del Conde, and the street medians on Camino del Conde and Calle del Conde.  (Pima County is responsible for the median on Pontatoc Road.)
  • Management and upkeep of the recreation area (the cabana, pool, tennis court, and all related facilities) including utilities, insurance, and property taxes.
  • Contracting for trash removal for the entire neighborhood.
  • Maintenance of the private streets and certain landscaping in the Placita neighborhood.

Homeowner Responsibilities

Each homeowner is responsible for obtaining insurance coverage on the structure, contents, and liability; utilities services (except trash removal); fire protection through Rural/Metro Fire Department; and paying Pima County real estate taxes on the owned property.



​​Property owners have the following responsibilities:

  • All owners are responsible for exterior maintenance and painting, maintenance of roofs, walls, patios and related structures.
  • Homesite owners are responsible for all yard landscaping and maintenance on their properties.
  • All Placita homeowners are responsible for the expenses related to the area’s irrigation system and for the expense of maintaining the private streets and common-area landscaping.
  • Placita homeowners are required to select from approved paint colors before commencing work. Contact the Placita Maintenance officer.
  • Placita patio homeowners are responsible for performing all their yard landscaping and maintenance.
  • Placita townhome owners are responsible only for performing their back yard landscaping and maintenance, and for the expense of maintaining their front-yard landscaping.
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