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Established 1978


Only household pets (dogs, cats, caged birds, or fish) are allowed.  No more than two dogs or two cats are permitted per household.  Dogs must be in an enclosed area except when accompanied on a leash. 

Pets must not disturb the peace and quiet of other residents.  When walking pets, you are expected to clean up pet waste and restrain pets from damaging others’ property. (CC&R 1, page 4)

​Pima County codes and ordinances address a range of animal issues (licensing, vaccination, leash requirements, noise, waste, pet welfare, tie down, bites, running loose, and dead animal pickup).  Pet owners should familiarize themselves with these laws, which can be found on the Pima Animal Care Center website.


​Pet-related issues should be resolved between neighbors if possible, or reported to Pima Animal Care Center for action.  Report animal bites or abuse immediately to Pima Animal Care Center.





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