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Established 1978

Visual Detractions

Please be advised:


  • Clotheslines, equipment, garbage cans, incinerators, service yards, wood piles, or storage piles must be concealed from the view of neighboring lots, common areas, and streets.  Trash or garbage must be removed from the premises.  (CC&R paragraph 6, p4)

  • ​No boat, boat trailer, camper, travel trailer, motor home, recreational vehicle, or other similar vehicle or equipment may be stored or parked upon a lot except those which are kept entirely within an enclosed garage. Temporary storage or parking of such vehicles or equipment must not exceed one (1) week unless previously approved by the Board of Directors in writing.  No vehicle of any kind which is inoperable, abandoned, dismantled, or in any stage of repair shall be stored or kept on any lot within the subdivision as to be seen from any other lot, from the common areas, or from the street.  (CC&R paragraph 9, p5)

  • Trees or other plants which would grow to extend outside the boundary of the lot may not be planted without prior written permission of the Board of Directors.  (CC&R paragraph 8, p4)  

  • ​​No white, near-white, glaring, or reflective ground cover, roof, or roofing material shall be used on any lot if visible from the street  or  adjacent lot without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors as provided in Paragraph 21(k) (CC&R paragraph 11, p5)

  • No chainlink,  woven metal, wood or other similar fencing material or wall shall be permitted or installed on any lot without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors. (CC&R paragraph 20, p8)

  • ​Signs of any kind are prohibited, except as minimally required by A.R.S 33-1808.  (CC&R paragraph 4, p4)

​Note: Please see the Appearance Standards for policy detail.  


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