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Established 1978


Dues are payable to the Association Treasurer on the first day of each month.  Annually, each property owner receives a coupon book for dues payments.  As of January 2023, monthly dues are:

General Area


  • General Area (80 homes):  $70 (All areas other than Placita)​

Placita Area​​

  • ​Patio Homes (12 homes):  $112 (Lots 26-37)​

  • Townhomes (20 homes):  $124 (Lots 38-57)​

​Dues differentials are related to costs of maintenance of Placita del Conde common areas, private streets, and landscaping and maintenance of front yards of townhomes. 

Trash Collection

All dues include a monthly fee of ~$20 for all homeowners for trash collection by Waste Management.  Trash is collected on Tuesday mornings, and recycling is collected on Wednesday mornings.  All homeowners and residents must use containers provided (at no charge) by Waste Management.  If you put out additional containers from time to time, Waste Management will bill you a nominal pickup fee for each additional container.

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