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Established 1978

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs in the country, bringing citizens together with law enforcement to deter crime and make communities safer. The Haciendas del Conde Homeowners Association is an active Neighborhood Watch community, enhancing security through awareness and engaged members.


Three Neighborhood Watch programs cover the Haciendas del Conde:


  • One covering Pontatoc Road and Calle del Conde

  • One covering Placita del Conde

  • One covering Camino del Conde

Get to know your Neighborhood Watch block and area leaders and learn how you can be an active participant in this program.

Neighborhood Watch Program Principles:

  • Get to know your neighbors. Become familiar with neighborhood routines; check out deviations and report to authorities if warranted; keep an eye out when neighbors are absent.

  • Show a presence. Activity discourages potential burglars.

  • Report out-of-the ordinary occurrences to Sheriff’s non-emergency number or 911. For example: strange vehicles lurking in the street, unusual activity in washes, etc.

  • Become informed on how to improve your own security. For example: install and use security systems, security lighting, video cameras; do neighborly check-ins and fix broken windows.

  • Maintain official Neighborhood Watch designation from Sheriff’s Department. Benefits include signage at main entrances, priority surveillance, and availability of volunteers to speak at meetings.

  • The most important contributor=the individual resident.

  • "Keep in mind that Neighborhood Watch groups are not vigilantes.”- Neighborhood Watch Start Guide

Additional Information:

What are “Blocks” and “Areas”?

     Block: A cluster of 5-15 homes sharing common sight-lines or other bond.

     Area: Several Blocks grouped for administrative purposes; often autonomous.

Block Leader’s responsibilities:

  • Be the focal point for the residents of the Block- communications, reporting of occurrences

  • Maintain a private list of residents’ preferred-contact phone numbers and email addresses

  • Greet newcomers; encourage participation by all residents

  • Be the liaison between Area Leader and Neighborhood Watch participants

Area Leader’s responsibilities:

  • Be the spokesperson for the area, liaison with the Sheriff’s Department and Association’s Board of Directors

  • Schedule annual Area Neighborhood Watch meeting (two the first year).

  • Provide written report of meetings to Sheriff’s Neighborhood Watch Unit (including meeting date/time, sign-in roster/ attendance log, topics discussed)

  • Coordinate distribution of Watch-related information throughout the Area Provide written notification if Area or Block leader status changes

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