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Established 1978


Security in Haciendas del Conde is primarily dependent upon the security practices in each home and the vigilance of the residents. Good home security practices include:  Keep your doors and windows locked.  Use security lights and a security system.  Eliminate situations that invite theft or break-in.

Our Neighborhood Watch programs count on residents to keep a trained eye and ear on their neighborhood, and making their presence known day and night. You should know the name and phone number of the Block Leader in your area. 

Immediately report any suspicious activities by calling 911 (in an emergency) or 791-4444 (non-emergency); also inform your Block Leader or a member of the Board of Directors

Other security-related information includes:

• Fire protection is provided on a subscription basis by Rural-Metro Fire Department.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department provides home-security consultation upon request.

• Removal and relocation of poisonous desert creatures (such as rattlesnakes and Gila monsters) is performed by Rural/Metro Fire department.

• Pet bites should be reported to Pima County Animal Care Center.

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